With Dorothée, we design your swimwear by combining aesthetics and technicality.

The cutouts allow to highlight necklines, back and legs. Colorful and graphic designs sign our contemporary lines, and also allow to refine a size, to emphasize a chest.

Invisible brassieres hold your busts, dizzying necklines gracefully reveal your curves, the rounded cutouts on the upper thigh enlarge your legs, and the bikinis have removable foams to adapt to your desires.

The Do Paris silhouette is as much an attitude than a multitude of styles.

We wear a swimsuit from morning to evening on vacation, it accompanies us, and must be functional and elegant. From the pool to the body,you can wear it in the evening with a skirt.

"The sarong dress" the essential accessory during the day and in the evening is in second skin jersey.

His style: Timeless

We draw lines to give life to swimsuits between luxury and comfort.


Environmental requirements: a priority

Responsible and glamorous brand, DO Paris unites with elegance of a luxury house, the excellence of women and nature


the eco-design approach by creating “jewelry jewelry” exclusive in recycled materials (cellulose acetate) in the tradition and know-how of craftsmen in the Jura.

in product research by integrating eco-friendly solutions 

controlled sourcing and purchasing of raw materials in France and in Europe.